“It is my personal quest for beauty of authenticity in unique objects, human relationships and inner truth."

My works are an artistic, tangible expression of feelings, emotions and inner truth,
which for me are the most precious beauty of a woman, the beauty of a human being.

I speak about the layers of femininity that, when peeled away, reveal a soul.
Works with an embroidered soul hidden in a form.

I invite you to discover the result of the work to which I have devoted 7 years.
Together with many wonderful people in Italy, Poland and France.

A creativity that stems from the need to seek authenticity. Authenticity in human relationships and feelings, which also finds expression in unique objects
– a marriage of art and craft.

Art through which I express the desire for subtlety in a world beyond possession.
For me true luxury thrives in a silence. A material expression that expresses this art
in multi-layered embroidered images, leather, reliefs, pleats, chains and brass.

Marta Luma Czarnuszewicz

Born in Warsaw, Poland.
Lives between Paris, Warsaw and Milan.

I create handbags in Italy, in small quantities. They may be treasured for years to come to be passed on family heirlooms to future generations.